When you Google “Beautiful Black American Women” on the internet, a common trend is depicted throughout the images. What’s common about all the results is more than the woman’s race moreover, it’s their color. So what’s going on here has actually been going on since the beginning of enslavement. It is a phenomenon called colorism. […]

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The Rise in Hate

It can be easy to believe that since we live in 2019 that hate groups are a problem of the past. However, hate groups are still prevalent and moreover rising in today’s day and age. The data points that I chose to focus on included information that illustrated the rise and prevalence of hate groups. […]

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A New Kind of Pride

The image that I chose to manipulate was Ellen’s powerful Time cover where she announced that she was gay. I then juxtaposed this cover with a replication of a satirical image of Roseanne Barr. The purpose of choosing Ellen’s image was to contrast the jovial and empowering moment of someone coming out and proudly embracing […]

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